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HBS is a leading Nigerian software development company that is proud of its innovative solutions and long-standing client relationships. We use cutting edge programming languages and database servers that guarantees security, efficiency and fast download at request time, which is the priority of every organization.

Software DevelopmentAll our software solutions are custom designed for the purpose of meeting our client’s needs, budget and in a timely manner. In order to provide robust business solution for our client, our in-house team of seasoned professionals provides each client with responsive support and insightful solutions.

All our programmers are abreast of latest technology and are always upgrading to meet up with the dynamic nature of the profession which is ever evolving.

Our range of services includes but not limited to:

  • Software Specifications

  • Systems Analysis and Design

  • Program Development

  • Acceptance Testing

  • Documentation

  • Implementation and Post Implementation Support

  • Customization of Packages

  • Software Conversions

  • Enhancement and Modifications to meet new / changed Business Requirements

  • New versions to support Operating System changes

  • Help Desk / Routine Support – Answering Queries, Trouble Shooting and Bug-fixing

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Our Customized Software Solutions Are:


bio-metricBio-metric solutions use what a person is rather than what they know or carry for identification purposes, making it more secure and convenient than other authentication methods that have come before like passwords, ID Cards etc. They cannot be stolen or misplaced or found missing.

Also, a fingerprint may be taken and digitalized by relatively compact and cheap devices and takes only a small capacity to store a large database of information. With these strengths, fingerprint authentication has long been a major part of the security market and continues to be more competitive than others in today’s world.

Looking at Bio-metrics as the automatic identification of a person based on his anatomical. Bio-metrics, when employed can increase true user identification during examination and hence greatly reduce impersonation.  It will involve two key processes;

Enrollment; This is where the fingerprints data capture is done.
Identification/Verification; The matching process for identity data earlier captured.

Fingerprint Bio-metrics Advantage

– It is cost effective
– It works with non complex devices
– It is convenient for mobility
– The data output is collectable
– The implementation is learnable

Business Advantage

1.  Compliance
2.  Risk Mitigation
3.  Less Administration
4.  Accurate Payrolls