Comprehensive ICT Support Services

We have the computing expertise, ICT experience and manpower to help you create the ideal ICT solution that your company needs allowing you to concentrate on running your business and not your computer systems. Computer maintenance services are a core part of HBS, meaning our aim is not only to provide you with outstanding ICT solutions but also ICT support and ongoing computer services to keep your systems running smoothly and efficiently.

Why HBS is Unique

What makes HBS’ Corporate Management Maintenance Services so unique?

  • We invest time upfront to study your organization network environment before we ever appoint engineer to take over. Because we do our studies, the actual handover is surprisingly smooth.
  • Assigned fix engineer who is familiar with the environment to reduce user from explaining their issue or needs all over again.
  • Comprehensive Server Health Management ensures that the server is healthy and more predictable.
  • Remote Management Services is another service that helps to reduce downtime by providing support remotely using PCAnywhere, NetSupport, CarbonCopy, Remote Desktop and so on.
  • Remote alert is also implemented on all critical machines to ensure early detection of problems. In today complex network, it is difficult to notice a service failure or malfunction without some software assistant.
  • Rapid response on site within promised time frame with right engineer to resolve the actual problems.
  • Web base report and status. Allow you to have your services status and report anytime you need it.
  • You retain full control. Your vision drives every aspect of the support to be provided. You set the expectations and standard. You know the cost upfront.
  • You can focus your resources on more strategic initiatives, instead of struggling with the challenges of ICT staff shortages or lack of necessary expertise.